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Luke Feb 5, 2012  

Got back to London just in time to see my new place covered in snow for the first time.

Here it is… 11pm last night

Now wondering if Nick Littlemore will get in from Sydney for our session tomorrow. the final session with Nick to finish up what we’ve done!

In the final phase of finishing the album. one week in london then off to the states for 2 weeks, and then… final mix starts

right, off to finish writing my La Repubblica XL column. X

funny, the end of the tunnel is in sight almost exactly a year since starting it. i am nervous of course but more excited than anything

I will be starting touring this year, small shows first of course… then more bigger ones and some festivals

 The album is all in english a couple extra songs in french…
The album is called The Origin Of Love
Some song titles; Make You Happy, Underwater, Kill Me On The Dancefloor, Underwater, Overrated, China Boy…

Favourite song title from the new record…. Love You When I’m Drunk

Favourite place to record? Planet Studios Montreal or La Fabrique in France… but home is fine
Yasmine hasn’t drawn anything yet, art still to be nailed down.. it will look different, still lots of illustration will b used though

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