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Ingrid   Feb 25, 2012  

Kath Drummond, one of the early Mika fans, has written a fantastic book every Mika fan should read! She based the story on her experiences attending Mika gigs.

The summary of the story:

Adam Olsen has it all – charm, charisma, Number One hits and hordes of adoring fans. He also has a long-term girlfriend who has been with him since his penniless days, searching for fame. Janey, Sarah and Vara are three of his most devoted fans. Addicted to Adam and his fan site, they think of little else, and as his fame grows their lives become more and more devoted to following him. Proud to have been amongst his earliest fans, they soon start travelling the world to see him perform. Vara, a young single mother, is building up huge debts. Older woman Janey begins to show signs of becoming a serious stalker, while Sarah, happily married and financially secure, sees herself grounded and in control of her behaviour. The one thing most precious to Adam is his girlfriend – but their relationship is in jeopardy when Adam’s halo slips and his world becomes a downward spiral as he struggles to cope with the consequences of his actions…Mad About the Boy will appeal to fans of romantic fiction and those interested in music. Devoted gig-goers will recognise music venues in the novel.

We asked Kath some questions about the book:

How did you come up with the idea of Mad About the Boy?

I have always wanted to write. It suddenly struck me that I could write a story based around my own experiences of being a die hard fan. I was standing in Moscow airport at the time – on my way home from a gig and I couldn’t wait to get started. It took me three months in 2010 to write it.

Considering you’ve been to many Mika gigs, are events and characters based on your experiences at gigs and with other fans?

Yes, I have mixed the traits of the characters up a bit but a lot of it is based on my experiences – as will be very obvious to anyone that knows me. But Adam, the main character is purely a figmant of my imagination. He is a fictional character who lives only in my head – poor guy!

What’s the best and worst thing you’ve witnessed in the Mika fandom?

The best thing I have witnessed in Mika fandom is the kindness and generosity of fans. We started out as a collection of strangers who just happned to have one thing in common. I was totally amazed at how quickly friendships were formed and people were being incredible kind and generous to what were effectively total strangers. I think the worst thing is probably the pushing/shoving and queue jumping at gigs.

Are you going to continue your writing career after this?

Yes, I would love to write more – on lots of subjects!

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