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Elwendin   May 12, 2014  

“We are focusing on the single, but the whole album is ready. I wrote it my way, in one, conditioning free, go.”

Mika is recording his new album in Paris right now. And he’s about to face “the most difficult part, when I have to share my project with other people, accept or deny advices and compromises, deal with showbusiness.”  

He’s going back to Italy in a few days, though, for his sole summer gig, which is going to occur on 18th of May, in Naples.

“I’m coming to Naples, city of art and culture, with respect, emotion and pride; I’m aware of the responsability to perform in the most elegant town’s place, which was in the past permitted to popes, rockstars and politicians and recently denied. But I come to Naples also with the awareness that famous monuments, like Tour Eiffel, change to my childlike eyes when I experience them as a frame for a show I cherish. I don’t want take anything away from Naples’s story and art, but add joy, fun, my voice, my songs”.

In this 75 minutes gig, Mika will be “faithful to myself. The energy, the vibrations from Piazza del Plebiscito will come back to me and will make the difference”.

Mika already got to know the South of Italy. During a summer, he planned to enjoy a holiday by car, leaving from London with 4 other people, and driving around for a few days. He ended up travelling for 4 weeks with 24 relatives and friends, hitting Switzerland, North Italy (Santo Stefano Belbo), Central Italy (Tuscany) and eventually South Italy (Positano). He enjoyed “the sea, the food and the welcome: in Switzerland when they saw our cars parade, they shut the windows, in Italy they didn’t mind. My Lebanese origins made me feel like I was at home. During a party a band played neapolitan songs for us, they were beautiful”.



(source “Il Mattino” newspaper, interview released on May 9th)

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link 12th May 2014 at 9:35 pm

Es ist immer um Mika was los. So viel Überraschungen. Neues Album!!! Das klingt wirklich sehr spannend…

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