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Ingrid   Feb 26, 2015   Comment Twitter

Mika recently posted that he was in the studio to record the last backing vocals with Max Taylor.  A picture was also posted of his family working on the artwork for the new album. So far we do not have a release date yet. We will let you know as soon as we do.

Luke May 26, 2012   Comment Twitter

Every time I try to type bubble on my phone it turns it into Bublé. How did he get into the dictionary? I mean really…

Luke May 10, 2012   1 Comment Twitter

Listening to Museum of Curiosity re Jack Benny whilst packing for New York. And drinking a jug of Betty’s tea…. FYI

Ingrid   Apr 29, 2012   Comment Twitter

Its 6:09am in Dubai & finally going to bed. Ive just spent the night with David Blaine & he has blown my mind. Reduced me to childish wonder

He could work for the CIA. The control he has over people is unbelievable. I was sceptical of him as a TV star but he totally the real deal.

Luke Apr 25, 2012   Comment Twitter

Having drinks @ Ivy after seeing Matilda in west end. Just walked 2 the table to see my father reading Fantastic Man Mag. Pretty cool dad.

Ingrid   Apr 24, 2012   1 Comment Photos, Twitter

Just home from shoot. In time to watch SPECTACULAR last 3 mind of Chelsea Barcelona game. Unbelievable!!!

We’ve added the photo to the gallery, click on the thumbnail to view it.



Ingrid   Apr 10, 2012   Comment Twitter

“caption from bbc news website as brkfast news moves to Manchester “The studio at the MediaCityUK complex in Salford features a new red sofa”

back in london and heading into the studio for final edits and vocals. LOVing this this morning, watch from 0:56

Ingrid   Apr 9, 2012   Comment Twitter

Happy Easter everybody Mx!

the soundtrack to The Mission by Ennio Morricone and Vangelis’ blade runner are so good. So worth re-discovering.

Luke Apr 5, 2012   1 Comment Twitter

Have eyes hurting from the sun, tired and bleary eyed from sessions and no longer knowing what time it is, in short slightly mad, or madder but the record has never sounded better and is almost done x

Luke Feb 21, 2012   Comment Twitter

Good day, got locked out of my house today. I had to get a lawyer to prove that I was allowed a key and explain how I lost 5 sets already…

Now back in studio working on Make You Happy. its dreamy, think Royksopp meets Bjork meets Kings of Convenience and MJ…

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