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Elwendin   Oct 9, 2014   Comment Music, Tour

Rumours say Mika is set to perform at a festival in Niort (West of France) at the end of summer 2015.  Tickets and dates aren’t available yet, as the news has yet to be confirmed.


(source: La Nouvelle République)

Elwendin   Oct 5, 2014   Comment Interviews


Beauty is provoked by beauty.
Mika talks about himself. Here’s how a ugly duckling, insulted by his schoolmates, turned into a swan. A life lesson for every teenager.
The popstar judges young people, between personal memories and the X Factor experience.

The “Mika Factor” again bullying: “at school they used to throw cans to me. I don’t forgive them, I know how to beat them.”

“I used to attend Westminster School in London, one of the most ancient and prestigious schools of Europe. In order to reach the classroom, though, I had to cross the campus behind the Abbey.” Perfectly trimmed lawns, neat paths. And a gang of guys in a green uniform. When they see the 11 years old Mika Holbrook Penniman Junior passing by, they laugh at him, they humiliate him. “In front of the people passing by, they used to throw Coke cans and other stuff to me. The dean knew that it was easier for me to wait until everyone got into the classroom. Therefore I was allowed to be late at every class. But I won’t ever forget who did such things to me. And I won’t ever forgive them. And I don’t think that anyone should do it. Children think that what they do has no consequences, that everyone forgets or forgives, cause this is what they learn. Bullshit. And anyway, sooner or later, the pain you caused comes back to you.”

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We’ve added pictures of the Vanity Fair X-Factor photoshoot to the gallery. Click on the image to view the album.

Elwendin   Sep 22, 2014   1 Comment Interviews, Music

 Mika talks about his new album

English translation:

- So, here we go, what’s going on?
– What’s going on? We are at AB in Bruxelles and I have to do a 75 minutes gig tonight, and anyway it’s in a beautiful venue, it’s something serious. I’m happy to do it, at the same time I must say that I’m in studio at the moment

Ingrid   Sep 19, 2014   1 Comment Photos


We’ve added pictures of Mika at the Mobistar signing, 18th of September in Liege. Click on the image to go to the gallery.

Ingrid   Sep 10, 2014   Comment Site news

Hey everybody!

As you can see we’ve massively changed the look of The other one felt a little bit outdated, and now we feel like we look pretty clean and professional. And we’re ready to bring you all the news about Mika!

We’re not completely done yet. Some pages are under construction. We want to update the gallery and add new pages. That will take a while. So please bear with us during the process.

Thanks! staff

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Ingrid   Aug 26, 2014   Comment Uncategorized

Hi everyone,

thanks Fedez for the nomination! A little late but better late than never… here is my ice bucket challenge video! :) I hereby nominate in return, French Media Legend and someone who has already raised more awareness for charitable and human rights causes than many… Claire Chazal!

All fun aside, the Ice Bucket Challenge was started to raise awareness of ALS and to support the fundraising efforts. This is hugely important and has the potential to help change so many lives, that’s why as well as the video I have made a personal donation – I hope you will do the same, no matter how big or small, it all helps. You can find some information on what this is all about and why we all need to support here:…. If you’re in the US, this is the best place to make a donation. If you’re in the UK, money is being raised for Motor Neurone Disease – If you’re anywhere else in the world, you should be able to access one of these links. The amount of money raised so far is outstanding, let’s hope it makes a huge difference and helps change lives.

Thanks for supporting. Love, Mika x

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Ingrid   Aug 18, 2014   Comment Site news

As everybody knows it is Mika’s 31st birthday today! Congratulations Mika and we hope that you’ll have a spectacular day today with lots of gifts and cake and love. Make it a good one!

Now as we are super cool people, we figured it would be cool to have a little competition. We thought about all kinds of spectacular things we could do, but in the end, there’s one thing we want it to come down to. Your love for Mika! Why do you like Mika so much? What does his music mean to you? What’s the fondest memory you have of meeting Mika or of attending a gig?

Now, we know that not everybody can draw or sing or dance that well. Everybody has their own talents, so it is up to you to choose a way to show us why Mika is important to you. Sing a song. Draw something, write an essay, record a video, you name it! Showcase your talent and let us feel the Mikalove! We do ask you to be as creative as possible and we’d love to see that you’ve put effort into your entry :)

Hence why, you get 2 weeks to send in your work. Entries will close on september 1st, 12pm CET. Entries sent in after that time will not be accepted.

And I can hear you wondering, what will I win? We’re still working on gathering some prizes but guaranteed are:
– The Live In Cartoon Motion DVD.
– A signed poster (note the signature is printed. It is not original but still super cool).

And more to be announced.

Trust us, this will be worth the effort!

So the rules are:
– 1 entry per person.
– You can enter whatever you like as long as we get to see some creativity and as long as it tells us the story why you love Mika and his music.
– Send your entries to BEFORE the 1st of September 12pm CET. Put: “ competition entry” as the subject.
– Make sure you follow us on twitter (mikafansdotnet) and like us on facebook

If you have any questions, send us a tweet and we’ll reply as soon as we can. Good luck!