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Elwendin   Dec 12, 2014   Comment Interviews


Yesterday Mika got interviewed on the italian Radio Deejay and briefly talked about his new medley and album. Here what he said:

On December the 11th he released a medley between one of his oldest songs, Happy Ending, and his new one, Good Guys (click HERE to listen to it). He’s been up till 5 am to record this track, in order to put in on I-Tunes right away, cause all the profits will go to UNICEF. The song got mastered during the night in Los Angeles and there are 47 voices on it, even a gospel one. He’s quite tired but will have some rest in London during his Christmas break, then “in January I have to finish my album, the Los Angeles team is coming to Europe, because I don’t want to waste time and I want to stay in my bubble. I don’t want to go to Los Angeles, there are too many distractions there.” Mika also mentioned a new single to be released.

Elwendin   Dec 11, 2014   Comment Music, Promotion

From Mika’s official YouTube:

The song was originally performed on XFactor Italia Finals on 11th December 2014 as a medley with the Finalists and is now available to download in Italy only. All proceeds from the sale of this track go to Unicef – if you are outside Italy but still wish to support Unicef, you can donate at the following link

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Mika is set to perform at Estivale Open Air 2015, on July the 30th.

This festival will take place in Estavayer le Lac, Switzerland, and tickets are already available HERE (one ticket costs about 40 Euros). Gates will open at 18 p.m.

Ingrid   Dec 1, 2014   Comment Music

New phone commercial featuring the new song ‘Staring at the Sun’ in the background.

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We’ve added pictures of Mika opening the new Swatch store in Milan and the gig afterwards to the gallery. Click on the image to view the album.

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Hey all!

Sorry for the lack of updates. We’ve been incredibly busy lately with real life and Mika has only been doing the Voice and Xfactor, which we don’t find too interesting. We’ll post news as soon as it comes. Stay tuned!

Elwendin   Oct 25, 2014   Comment Interviews


Mika’s been releasing quite a lot of interviews in Italy lately. Here’s a mash-up of some of them:

How do you split your time among your countless commitments to tv and music?
“I try to do things in a good way, taking it easy. It’s better to be slow and successful than being in a rush and having no good results. During the last months I’ve been going back and forth from the UK to France and Italy. I’m almost done with my album, which I partly recorded in LA and will be released in early 2015.”

Are you considering a duet with Chiara Galiazzo?
“I don’t know yet. “Stardust” was a magical chance. I wrote the song with Benny Benassi, I recorded it on my own and then it found its way in a duet with Chiara. It was a wonderful experience mostly because people let it into their hearts.”

Last year you said you chose to do tv with the sole purpose of making an independent album. Will it be this way?
“Yes. The contemporary music world is very different from the past. Once there were hundreds of record companies for as many artists, now there are four left. So what are we supposed to do now?”

You tell me.
“Are we supposed to ask for permission before making a record or choosing a single? I don’t think so. Nowadays everybody thinks a single is enough to smooth the way to an artist, but that’s not how it is. Singers need to be protected, followed in their own artistic and musical path, to be never left on their own. So yeah, my next album is going to be exactly the way I wanted it to be.”

Will there be songs in Italian?

Why did you agreed for a second year of XFactor?
“Because my purpose is making as much musical diversity as possible. My approach is an active one, together with the artistic director Luca Tommassini, concerning both the choice of the songs and the performance on stage, which is fundamental. I wanted to have a say this time.”

What’s different compared to last year? Are you more confident?
“Not at all. I think confidence is an illusion and sometimes it can hurt. Very much.”

You stated you’ve been a victim of bullying. In Italy it’s happening more and more often because of sexual orientation or weight. What’s the weapon to fight against it?
“It’s a cruelty. I think people should be taught the power of the balance between individuality and thoughtlessness, which is fundamental in life. If people learn that, then we’ll be able to claim we’ve found the key to freedom.”

What do you think about the Pope dealing with gay rights?
“The fact that the pope is a progressive person and is trying to do progressive things inside the Vatican system is remarkable and it makes me feel very positive. We now have a Pope who knows that this work has to be done. I’ve looked every day to see if there were some evolutions but eventually, the result wasn’t perfect (the one we were waiting for) but in my opinion, it’s a matter of time. He’s modern, He’s intelligent, and he’s also modest and he also has a knowledge of the political world system. He’s combative, he’s extremely educated and he’s opened to the world, more than the others I must say so we’ve started in the right way”

What about fashion?
“I like to wear good clothes, it’s a kind of art. During the X-Factor shows I’m going to wear nothing but Valentino Haute Couture suits, which are customized for me by some tailors who usually only work in the womens atelier. Every item requires a lot of handcrafted work, it first gets shaped in a paper model, which then gets divided into pieces. For every suit there are more than 200 pieces that need to be pulled together all over again.” This is a made-to-measure project, which gets inspired by the idea of a new dandy who has plenty of sassy embroidery “which looks like a Fortunato Depero painting and reminds of Jean Cocteau and ballets russes. Nowadays we can be more punk with a classical outfit than with ripped jeans. We don’t have to fear to put more poetry onto men clothes, yet staying masculine: shirt, suit, tie.” The singer claims to have worked with Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative directors of the maison. A partnership born in Paris one year ago, while Mika was working as a coach at The Voice. “Nice, I can learn a lot from them. They are an unbelievable culture, according to them clothes tell stories and different worlds, without turning into theatre costumes.”

Elwendin   Oct 18, 2014   Comment Interviews

On October th 17th Mika held a speech for the foreign students who are studying in Milan university. Almost 1000 students from all over the world attended the conference.

Here’s a short interview he released yesterday.



(Source: Corriere TV)

Ingrid   Oct 14, 2014   Comment Tour

Mika is set to perform at the Seoul Jazz Festival 2015, which will be held from 23rd to the 25th of May.

More information can be found here.

Elwendin   Oct 9, 2014   Comment Music, Tour

Rumours say Mika is set to perform at a festival in Niort (West of France) at the end of summer 2015.  Tickets and dates aren’t available yet, as the news has yet to be confirmed.


(source: La Nouvelle République)

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