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We’ve added pictures of Mika at the Mobistar signing, 18th of September in Liege. Click on the image to go to the gallery.

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Hey everybody!

As you can see we’ve massively changed the look of The other one felt a little bit outdated, and now we feel like we look pretty clean and professional. And we’re ready to bring you all the news about Mika!

We’re not completely done yet. Some pages are under construction. We want to update the gallery and add new pages. That will take a while. So please bear with us during the process.

Thanks! staff

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Hi everyone,

thanks Fedez for the nomination! A little late but better late than never… here is my ice bucket challenge video! :) I hereby nominate in return, French Media Legend and someone who has already raised more awareness for charitable and human rights causes than many… Claire Chazal!

All fun aside, the Ice Bucket Challenge was started to raise awareness of ALS and to support the fundraising efforts. This is hugely important and has the potential to help change so many lives, that’s why as well as the video I have made a personal donation – I hope you will do the same, no matter how big or small, it all helps. You can find some information on what this is all about and why we all need to support here:…. If you’re in the US, this is the best place to make a donation. If you’re in the UK, money is being raised for Motor Neurone Disease – If you’re anywhere else in the world, you should be able to access one of these links. The amount of money raised so far is outstanding, let’s hope it makes a huge difference and helps change lives.

Thanks for supporting. Love, Mika x

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As everybody knows it is Mika’s 31st birthday today! Congratulations Mika and we hope that you’ll have a spectacular day today with lots of gifts and cake and love. Make it a good one!

Now as we are super cool people, we figured it would be cool to have a little competition. We thought about all kinds of spectacular things we could do, but in the end, there’s one thing we want it to come down to. Your love for Mika! Why do you like Mika so much? What does his music mean to you? What’s the fondest memory you have of meeting Mika or of attending a gig?

Now, we know that not everybody can draw or sing or dance that well. Everybody has their own talents, so it is up to you to choose a way to show us why Mika is important to you. Sing a song. Draw something, write an essay, record a video, you name it! Showcase your talent and let us feel the Mikalove! We do ask you to be as creative as possible and we’d love to see that you’ve put effort into your entry :)

Hence why, you get 2 weeks to send in your work. Entries will close on september 1st, 12pm CET. Entries sent in after that time will not be accepted.

And I can hear you wondering, what will I win? We’re still working on gathering some prizes but guaranteed are:
– The Live In Cartoon Motion DVD.
– A signed poster (note the signature is printed. It is not original but still super cool).

And more to be announced.

Trust us, this will be worth the effort!

So the rules are:
– 1 entry per person.
– You can enter whatever you like as long as we get to see some creativity and as long as it tells us the story why you love Mika and his music.
– Send your entries to BEFORE the 1st of September 12pm CET. Put: “ competition entry” as the subject.
– Make sure you follow us on twitter (mikafansdotnet) and like us on facebook

If you have any questions, send us a tweet and we’ll reply as soon as we can. Good luck!

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Mika male (it’s a pun they use to do in Italy on Mika’s name. The original Italian saying is spelled “Mica male” , which means “not bad at all”)

The anglo-lebanese pop star probably used to say this magical statement every time he discovers a new talent, either musical (he will be a judge again in X Factor in September) or artistic, as he now tracks down the more creative people even for Swatch.

When he was a child he was dyslexic, he can write only on a pc, he can’t read watches (even though he designed one for Swatch) yet he’s very talented for sure. He has such a huge amount of across-the-board talent that he’s used to spot it immediately, so that he’s a good talent scout, besides being a pop star. He will be back as a X Factor judge in September, in France he made The Voice Tv ratings peak and we met him along with his sister Yasmine in Trieste, where he was a judge of ITS (International Talent Support), a contest that rewards new creative talents in the fashion Olympus. He has no doubts about talent: “It means to be able to turn energy in something tangible, to show everyday life through a different filter. Sole ideas per se are useless, you need something that justifies their realization.”

It’s not always that easy.

You need language, intellect, history and planning in order to materialize an idea.

How many guys do have these skills?
When judging a talent, you wonder how much he’s whole, how much it’s honest, how much is educated or how much he’s not, and you wonder how he can turn into a product without losing any part of his identity. It’s a really difficult puzzle.

You made it though. Not just when it comes to music: your first watch, Kukulakuku by Swatch, broke the sales record.

Swatch is like that sort of colourful maze for children that you can find in Mac Donald’s. You only can jump in, then 300 000 balls overlay you and you say “Fuck!”

Your only chance is to keep moving….

Indeed. The artistic work that me and my sister Yasmine did with the watches influenced my latest single’s cover and I think it will affect my next album’s one as well. Which will influence the next work we’ll do for Swatch: things blend, it’s the way it works, you can’t avoid that.

It looks like you are enjoying to act like stylists

We are working on jewels, Swatch trusts us on that. We asked our sister Zuleika (who is a jewelery designer and just graduated at the prestigious Central Saint Martins of London), but she told us to fuck off: “Sorry, I struggled so much and now you get it easy?!!” So we replied: “Fine, then we won’t do a high jewelery object, but something which has some personality.
We are no designers, we like to tell stories and we use objects or illustrations to do it.

What did you use?

A pendant. When you’ll see it, you’ll understand everything. Yours is beautiful, by the way. (he looks at it, grabs it and gently play a little with it)

It’s by Reminescence.

Such a demanding name! We were talking about reminescence a while ago, referring to Lucid Dream (the topic of 2014 ITS contest): it’s encouraging that someone still adresses to young people when it comes to dreams.
Yasmine disrupts him: You are just beating around the bush / turning the phrase. The dream of all the guys we met is to finally get their idea achieved.
He presses her: She says that cause she’s an illustrator and whenever her works don’t end up on a book… I can talk thanks to the perks I get from the popularity which comes out of music, tv, internet. The inner quality of things charmes me. But she always complains and says: ” You can’t eat that”. All kidding aside, the Swatch award is important, not just because its value, but also because it provides them with a real experience in a work context. Nowadays this is fundamental for young people.

Do you dream often?

My sister dreams by night and uses her dreams to problem solve. I daydream instead. Or I dream the other way round: when I think that something can work, it will be a disaster. On the contrary, when I think it’s bad, it will work out perfectly. She dreams in a neat way, I do it in the messy way.

Does to daydream mean to dream in a lucid way?

I think that the idea of a lucid dream doesn’t refer to the world of dreams, but to a very much self aware creative process, the discipline which turns art and talent into something concrete.

Do you like fashion?

For us all (Mika has one brother and three sisters)fashion means threads. All we did as children was to take them off from our soles, our mother used to sew and the kitchen was her atelier. Not to mention the pins on the floor, those were our terror. I suppose that great photographers consider it as an artistic issue, but fashion is a practical thing to us, something physical, something Valentino tailors talk about when they argue on how to pin some organza. We aren’t interested in collections, but in seams quality and in details.

(Source: Goia magazine, July 2014)

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Mika, the famous Anglo-Lebanese artist and singer, also known in Italy for being an X Factor judge, arrived in Trieste on Friday for the ITS 2014 edition. Along with his sister Yasmine he will have the role of judge in the ITS artwork section, which is sponsored by Swatch.

In the preceding days you got the feeling that a star was about to arrive, someone who would have been unapproachable and heavily guarded for security and privacy reasons. This sensation was far from reality though.  Mika was likeable, extroverted and very kind with everyone. He never dodged the chats and photos with insiders and fans. Elegant and friendly, he speaks a flawless Italian now. “We’ve done many interviews with people from Hong Kong, Japan, America. Finally I am able to speak a little Italian with a girl from Trieste.”

What are your first impressions of Trieste?

“I don’t understand why no one told me about this city before! It’s a very weird thing. It’s been kept a beautiful secret. It’s like Vienna and Budapest in their golden eras. It’s architecturally incredible. It’s by the sea, and in Italy… a combination of beautiful and intriguing elements. I think people don’t realize how beautiful this town is. I like Vienna very much and this tranquil architecture.  I’ve never seen a town like this. I’ve already fallen in love with it. There’s some poetry here.

Do you know that Joyce fell in love with it like you did?

“Of course! And I imagine how it was romantic when he was here, with all those sailors, ships and the harbour. “

And did you already know of ITS?

“I heard about it and I was very curious to see the idea behind it. It’s very honest, focused on the purpose of valuing artists without too much noise or consideration of trends. They want to employ the artists in the creative industry, get them to do real work. Usually there is a lot of talk at these events but not much that’s concrete. Here the judges are professional and take their role seriously. From the very first day we argued for hours. There’s quality and rigor in the decisions.”

You may have noticed some differences between this event and the Milanese ones….

“Here everything is focused on the artwork – on the drawings and not on the parties! There isn’t much of a frivolous mood you can immediately tell that. There’s a more pondering, calm atmosphere. There is room enough to think. It’s possible to bring together different kinds of creativity. This is the step before industry, before it takes control. In Milan creative artists are already part of the system. Not that I don’t like the fashion week in Milan. Milan Fair is one of the best in the world.

Will the partnership with Swatch continue?

“Yes, we’ll do something else together. It’s a bit complicated though, cause Yasmine and I would want to do everything within our family. Our brother is studying architecture in London and my other sister finished her studies in jewellery design, so that the four of us will work together. And we don’t want to rush. The second project with Swatch will be the creation of a jewel, a pendant. I already created a new character who will be the star of this project. We start from stories, from illustrations”.

And what about time for music?

“That’s my priority, I want to 100% commit to it from now until October.”

While waiting for the new album, you released a single, “Boum Boum Boum”, and the relative videoclip, which is very western style, like Sergio Leone used to do.

“The wonderful thing is that we shot it on “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” set. My label gave to me a poor budget. But I still wanted to do something beautiful. So I went to Swatch and Diadora with my manager in order to ask for help. To work with brands isn’t a filthy job, on the contrary it offers many chances to music which otherwise wouldn’t have enough money those days.”

(Source Il Piccolo Newspaper, original article available here)

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