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Exciting news from Mika’s Facebook page!

Who’s excited for the full #BoumBoumBoum video?

Only the weekend to wait, we’ll post it up live on Monday morning, 10am GMT so check back then!

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Mika and his sister Yasmine Penniman will next weekend have the honour of taking part in a judging panel at “International Talent Support,” a large design and creativity event focused on promoting new talent across the art and design worlds in Trieste, Italy. The ITS ARTWORK part of the event is sponsored by Swatch and as a long time collaborator with the brand, Mika and his design partner Yasmine have been asked to lend their expertise to this incredible creative platform.

Each finalist will be asked to interpret the iconic Swiss brand, telling a story of their own vision of the Swatch world using unlimited media, as Mika did last year in his project for the brand. The lucky winner will get the chance to work with the Swatch Creative Lab on the future designs of the brand. Other judges across the panels include Consuelo Castiglioni (Marni), Nick Knight, Nicola Formichetti, Nicholas Kirkwood, Manish Arora, Olivier Saillard, Carla Sozzani, Floriane de Saint Pierre and Susie Bubble. Over 1200 from 80 countries were submitted in the first rounds, so the level of talent in the final will undoubtedly be extremely high.

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Added pictures of Mika arriving at the Chanson de la L’annee show. Click on the image to go to the gallery.

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From Facebook:

BIG NEWS!!!! We and L’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal are happy to announce a THIRD concert of Mika & the OSM, on Thursday, February 12 2015! Due to popular demand, we have added an extra date and even more fan tickets!
Led by Simon Leclerc, conductor and orchestrator, this concert is in addition to the performances on February 10 and 11, at 8pm.

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Photos of Mika at NRJ radio have been added to the gallery. Click on the image to view the album.

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Yesterday Mika was very busy touring radio and tv stations in order to promote his new single Boum Boum Boum (click here to listen to it and get original and English lyrics).

We’ve collected all he said about his new song and album.

How it was created: Mika and Doriand were having dinner in a posh restaurant (the Stella) on the 16th avenue in Paris. They were both tired, they had some wine and while they were eating, Mika looked out of the window, to the right, and saw a guy in the flat in front of them, who was getting undressed. The guy went on and on till he ended up totally naked, admiring himself into the mirror, without any shame. Finally, a girl came and shut the curtains. Mika and Doriand giggled and joked cause this thing broke the posh context and changed the atmosphere. They joked about boum boum boum happening in the fancy 16th avenue, which seemed pretty absurd, funny and joyful in that snazzy context. So they ordered more wine and started to write the song on the tablecloth, everywhere in all directions. They first looked for all the words which rhyme with boum and then added all the places where you can do it. It was a game. But by doing this they also claimed that it’s about tolerance, cause love is the same for everybody, it doesn’t change. The songs was finished just two weeks ago.

What is it about: The songs talks about love, about sex but it is also about politeness, which can be dangerous: it’s ok to be nice, but to play nice just in order to be a kind person, that scares him. He’s happy about it being his first single of the new album as this song is joyful and talks about tolerance and that love doesn’t feel ashamed ( as he says in another song of his next album). The song is about love, it does fit to everybody, it’s not a simple reaction to the argue on gay love that’s been rising lately.  The song wasn’t written with the purpose to talk sex and love in a political way, but as it comes from Mika, it’s very easy to connect this song to him, and to connect it to political engagement on the topic. He’s happy it can be related to it though, cause he already commited to quite a lot of causes and actions to make it legal.

How it was realized: He picked a friend of his (Skyler Stonestreet from Las Vegas) to sing as a background voice cause he liked the idea of an american accent. Skyler doesn’t know French and went “Boum Boum Boum, even I can get what it means”. This is why the first line of the song. When recording the voices in Los Angeles he used the acoustic of different rooms. He has recorded bits in the bathroom and, apparently, in the toilets and the living room. The song sound is a kind of mashup between french, spanish, arabic music as Fairouz used to do in the 60ies. He thinks it’s libanese vintage.

About the cover: Mika and his sister Yasmine did the cover together, in their kitchen. She lives in NY but they used to work at his family’s place. The cover pictures this world he created long time ago along with Yasmine, it’s a colourful, surrealist universe where only crazy people can live. Its purpose is to get Mika to detach himself from the ordinary and daily world in order to be able to talk about everything, it helps tolerance. He doesn’t want this world to be childish, he wants it to be Tintin like, as children can love what’s complicated. He wanted his face to appear on the rocky mountain in order to make fun of himself.

Mika is recording the video clip right now in Spain. He says that at the beginning he’s a soldier in the Napoleon army, having a woman he adores, a “femme fatale”. He dies, maybe because of her, it’s not that clear, but then he gets reincarnated in Lawrence from Saudi Arabia and he falls in love with a belly dancer and she kills him. He’s James Bond, and a cowboy as well. He said that he had to ask for some favors and for friends’ help in order to be able to do it, cause the budget wasn’t easy to cover. It’s beautiful, funny, very cinema-like. He was scared to do it, and he’s not interested in doing cinema, but then he decided to really put all himself into it. “This clip will be crazy”.

The new album will be in English, but there will be three French songs as regular tracks (not as bonus tracks) since they are a part of his identity. It will totally be a Mika album, sticking to his own way of being. Greg Wells is working on it, and so are some of Mika’s friends (eg as a background voices) but there are no real featurings or collaborations. Century Man and Ma Jeunesse aren’t on the album short list at the moment. The album was written mostly in LA and a bit in London, he locked himself up in a house among the hills for two months and got out just 4 times. He had a garden but  didn’t care, he only wanted to find again a spirit with which since he wakes up till he goes to bed, it only matters to him to write songs and record them. This totally free himself. 

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The track was released on June 11th
It’s now available on ITunes, Google Play and Xbox Music

Original lyrics: 

Meme les Americains comprennent

Qu’importe l’endroit, le contexte
On a toujours un bon prétexte
Pour tomber nos « fruit of the loom »
Quand toi et moi on fait boum boum boum
Quand t’es pas là j’fais n’importe quoi
J’prends des kilos, des tequilas
Je chante les chansons d’Oum Kalthoum
Je ne pense qu’à nos boum boum boum

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Coming 11th of June.

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