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According to the newspaper Il Mattino, Ferrero is planning to organize a big gig in Naples to celebrate 50th Nutella’s anniversary. A similar project was meant to be arranged in Verona Arena as well, but it eventually failed .
The event would have a national relevance, and there would be both national and international guests who are important to the italian music context.
Mika is the only one who is mentioned there as the most relevant: “if Ferrero will get off in Naples, the event will end with a maxi concert performed by both national and international artists. First of all, Mika”.
The gig may be for free and it would take place on May 18th, if Ferrero manages to get the last authorization they need, which it’s still uncertain.


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April 24th: More news by Mika’s official Facebook page:

Tickets for Mika’s performances with the OSM in Montreal in Feb 2015 will go on sale tomorrow at 12.00 Montreal time, that’s just under 24 hours from now! There will be 2 allocations of tickets – 1 for MikaFanClub and 1 for Facebook, so stay tuned at 1200 (GMT-5) sharp tomorrow and good luck!


April 17th: Up-to-date news by Mika’s Facebook:

“As we told you last month, we have managed to secure a special Fanclub allocation of 50 tickets per night in the FRONT ROWS of the audience! The 2 shows are in February 2015, so a little way off yet… Tickets go on sale to the general public on Monday 28th April, details to follow. Our FAN PRESALE will go on sale on Friday 25th!
There will be tickets available through Mika Fanclub and more tickets through Facebook… We’ll post up full info next week with times, links etc, so watch this space! More info on the concerts here:“. 
At the beginning of march, Mika already shared with the website La Presse some informations about these two concerts:

“Right now, this is one of the most important things that I’m going to do. I’ve been secretely organizing this stuff since a year. It’s been a while that I wanted to tell everybody that I’m doing this gig and finally I can say it”.
OSM (Montreal Symphonic Orchestra) strikes hard by inviting Mika. Even if he’s been dreaming of it since a lot of time, this is the first time that the singer, who sold more than 10 million albums worlwide, accepts to collaborate with an orchestra. “I always said no because they used to invite me to sing only one or two songs. I wanted to have a coherence in the repertoire. A kind of gig where you can see the evolution, a coherence among the songs”

On 10th and 11th of february 2015, Montreal people will have the pleasure to listen to about ten songs from the 30 years old artist’s repertoire. “Mixing the electronics with the symphonic, the classic. Mixing tribal rhythms with the classical ones. This is a dream!!”

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Some small talk with Karl Lagerfeld and a few advices from Stephan Bern for Mika: here’s a little behind the scenes snippet of Bal de la Rose, Monaco, 29/3/2014.

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But the star is singer Mika, here in quite a bit of a conversation with Karl Lagerfeld

Mika: really, it’s super chic.

Karl: me, I do all the scenery for my fashion shows Chanel and all, my gigantic scenery…

Mika: I know, I know it well.

Little secrets between dandies.

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Mika: “When a singer play a role in The Voice, you can immediately tell.“

18.25 INTERVIEW – For the occasion of the first live show of The Voice, Saturday evening on TF1, Mika had a look around the Metronews editorial board. It’s the chance to talk about his talents, about the behind the scenes of the show and about his next album, which he prepared in Los Angeles.

- The live shows of The Voice start this Saturday night on TF1. Do you think that the 2014 edition winner is in your team?

Mika: I hope so, but I realise that there is some competion. In my team, I think that there are two potential winners but I can’t say their names. The show takes place in a really weird way.

Unlike other shows, you can be a part of The Voice even if you’re signed with a record label. When I make my choices, I know that I’m not only fighting against the artist, but often against the team behind him. 

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He’s the little prince of pop music.

With his well-chosen lyrics, his catchy and sophisticated melodies, his voice which takes the stars off, Mika imposed himself as Freddy Mercury’s spiritual son. Dark curls, ravishing smile, the Lebanon born songwriter, 30 years old, sold 19 million copies of his first album in 2007. No less! And since then, success sticks to his sneakers. Exceptional judge on The Voice, fashion crazy, Mika accepted to answer a little phone questionnaire from Los Angeles.

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It is a huge honor to be asked as the face of a Chanel campaign, but an even bigger honor to have one of Chanel’s luxury products named after you. After the Bal de La Rose in Monaco, the British-Lebanese popstar Mika met with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. Sources say the pair discussed the expansion of Chanel Homme.

“Mr. Lagerfeld was really interested in Mika’s views. Mika had great ideas for a new line of bags for men and Mr. Lagerfeld immediately suggested to name the center piece after Mika. Needless to say, Mika was very honored.”

The collaboration won’t stop there, as Karl Lagerfeld offered to shoot the popstar’s new album cover. The as of yet nameless album is expected to be released early 2015.

It is unknown when the bags will be in stores.

Note this is not true. Happy April Fool’s day!

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2014. March is already coming to an end. What can a tall, skinny popstar do in a few months? Apparently he had a pretty busy schedule. Here’s a sneak peek on what he let us know through Twitter:

After a little skiing in a very very dark suit, he went to Milan (interview at “Le Invasioni Barbariche”), popped out in Paris for recording The Voice and visiting one of his favourites shops, flew in Cambodia for a one week holiday, then back to London. And this was just January.

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Next year Mika will be performing in Montreal with the Montreal Orchestra. More information will be released next week.

Mika says:

“VERY excited to announce my collaboration for next year with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, full orchestral concert in Feb 2015. It’s a huge honour, here is an early piece from La Presse (in French), more details next week, we are aiming at doing something amazing”

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Mika recently tweeted:

“1st day back in the studio. Aller aller!”

Let’s hope this will be the start of a great new album with a lot of new music!